Welcome, friends.

This little slice of the web only exists because, in the midst of a spiritual slump some years ago, I encountered an authentic, unapologetic Christian fundamentalist. She referred to herself as a “Calvinist,” and though I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, she scared the hell out of me.

So I married her.

And so began a journey of spiritual discovery, some moderate academic work in religious studies, a quantum shift in politics, an embrace of social justice (aka: the Gospel), a lengthy sabbatical from church, minimalism, and tattoos. And that was just my wife.

For me, something stirred within. Maybe it was the Spirit. Or the insatiable appetite of an Italian needed to be heard. Either way, there was a problem with American Christianity that required attention and correction. Too many Christians had been checking the boxes of their faith (right church, right subdivision, right political party), blindly disregarding the warnings of a certain first century Rabbi they claim to follow; unaware they’re blithely participating within an empire – a system He sought to subvert with his words, his actions, and ultimately, his death.

This blog is a collection of mere words on a screen, and I don’t suspect they’ll bridge the vast divide between authentic Christianity and what’s occurring in America. In fact, they’re more likely to offend the common sensibilities held by most American Christians. I’m fine with that. Systemic change isn’t easy, even when obvious. But I’ll keep sharing thoughts. Perhaps something will take.

After all, it only takes a mustard seed.


Nathan George received his BS in Communication from Arizona State University (Cum Laude) with a Minor in Religious Studies. He is a vociferous reader of NT Wright and Scot McKnight, among others, and attended Rob Bell’s church in Grand Rapids, Michigan for several years; sadly, he paid little attention at that time, but caught up later. He loves the Catholic liturgy, and will totes consider Catholicism once they permit female Priests – though he’s still a bit weirded out about the whole “Devotion to Mary” thing.