one who provokes; a political provocateur.

In 2016, something happened. Something that would cast a shadow on not only democracy, but the Christian landscape in America. Evangelicals in the United States almost unanimously stood behind a known criminal; a notorious conman who brazenly cheated in life and business.

In casting their pearls before swine, the Christian faith had become instantly bound to this aspiring Caesar, ceding any moral high ground and completing the sad, syncretic relationship between political power and religion.

And Jesus, with little doubt, wept.

This blog is part of a growing rebirth in the country to help espouse the radical, loving nature of the gospel as lived by Jesus Christ. Hopefully, it will make you think. And if it makes you occasionally uncomfortable, that’s by design. Christianity, in its truest form, was never supposed to be easy.


Nathan George received his BS in Communication from Arizona State University (Cum Laude) with a Minor in Religious Studies. He is a vociferous reader of NT Wright and Scot McKnight, among others, and attended Rob Bell’s church in Grand Rapids, Michigan for several years; sadly, he paid little attention at that time, but caught up later. 

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